Buyers will often get a property inspection to reveal any unwanted surprises that may mean additional costs they did not budget for.

But sellers should not just leave that up to the buyers, if you get a building inspection done before your property hits the market it will uncover whether you have mould, leaking pipes, electrical wiring issues, water damage and potentially more. With this information in hand, you as the seller get the chance to set yourself up for a more successful sale.

So why should you consider a pre-sale property inspection?

Get more interested buyers

As a seller, you want to attract more interested buyers, and with a property inspection report provided upfront, it gives buyers a comprehensive overview on the general condition of your property.

This gives buyers more confidence your property has no issues they would need to deal with, or it gives them confidence that work that needed to be done was done properly. All those details would be outlined in this report, and buyers will be able to proceed with confidence knowing exactly the state and condition of the home they want to buy.

With the report in hand at the beginning of your property selling journey, it could also accelerate the deal process as you can address issues beforehand. This would avoid delays and setbacks that could occur during the negotiation if unexpected problems cropped up from the buyer’s property inspection.

Gives you understanding of the current conditions of your property

After a thorough inspection under the floorboards, in the ceiling and everywhere else around your property, you will have an accurate understanding of its condition. During this process, minor and major issues, such as cracks and drainage problems, can be noticed and easily fixed to avoid bigger problems down the track.

With a professional inspection you can correct any issues right away. This gives you an advantage during price negotiations, allowing you to back up your claims about the condition of your property with an independent and expert report.

Also, with a clear understanding of your property’s condition, you have a better picture to determine its value for an accurate and realistic expectation on where to set your price range.

Understand potential future expenses

With a complete property inspection, you will get an insight into future costs with a high degree of accuracy. Ensuring you and the future owner understand when various systems, such as piping and plumbing, may need to be replaced.

Also, it could be helpful to get these systems assessed for wear and tear to understand their expected lifespan. This gives you confidence that these systems are still in good working order at the time of sale.

Whether you sell or not, this information helps you better budget and plan for these costs, as well as help during negotiations. You might end up having a faulty system replaced before listing your property. And for those that are in good working order and do not need attention, your inspection gives you the opportunity to highlight this fact to buyers and potentially get you a better price.

Firm up your expectations

A correct and accurate perspective of your property’s value gives you added confidence during the selling process. With a comprehensive property report, you will be able to set your own expectations around the price and the sale of your home with confidence.

You will also have a solid foundation for answering any questions that a prospective buyer could have. By being able to reference the view of an independent professional inspection report, you can give buyers more confidence and encourage them to make better offers and transact more quickly.

Rest assured – you have peace of mind

With a detailed report full of critical information on the ‘health’ status of your home, you can be sure to have peace of mind. When you know your home is structurally sound and in good condition, you can attract higher prices.

With an inspection that puts your property in the clear, you can start marketing your property and negotiate with confidence, knowing that prospective buyers won’t find any issues because you have turned over every rock.

Additionally, if any problems do crop up from the buyer, you will be in a position where you will be able to sort them out swiftly and, on your terms, as they will not be a surprise. But with a house that is move-in-ready and with a clean bill of health, you have put interested buyers into a comfortable position where they know they can put in an offer with ease.

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