Measuring the value a bathroom renovation adds to your home

There is a lot of value in renovating your bathroom. While it can offer a good return on investment, it is a huge undertaking, costing unprepared investors thousands of dollars. However, with the potential return of $4 for every $1 spent, to make the most of this room it is critical not to overcapitalise.

Simple ways to make your home look great from the street

May 11th, 2022
First impressions mean a lot in many parts of life, and they are just as important when it comes to selling your home.

Top reasons to get a property inspection before you sell.

April 19th, 2022
Buyers will often get a property inspection to reveal any unwanted surprises that may mean additional costs they did not budget for.

But sellers should not just leave that up to the buyers, if you get a building inspection done before your property hits the market it will uncover whether you have mould, leaking pipes, electrical wiring issues, water damage and potentially more. With this information in hand, you as the seller get the chance to set yourself up for a more successful sale.

Avoid over capitalising on your home renovations

March 9th, 2022
Our home is likely to be our most valuable asset. It is a place where we grow and create lasting memories. Many New Zealanders choose to stay and renovate their home rather than sell. Yet, it is still essential that you consider whether your renovation will add value or make you lose money in the long run.