Are you part of a team that celebrates your every success and works tirelessly to do everything in its power to help you build a thriving real estate business?

If it’s time to at least review where you are at in your real estate career and see what be waiting for you on the other side of the fence, then we’d love to talk with you in total confidence.

Our boutique, high quality team shares the integrity, energy and enthusiasm that makes us a multi-award winning team both here in New Zealand and across Australasia.

We are not the traditional ‘bums on seats’ real estate model focussing however on ‘second to none’ mentorship, training and support as we grow our people and their real estate businesses.

If you answer “Yes” to any of the six questions below, then we’d love to show you how we can deliver you an excellent alternative to where you might be at currently and assist in taking your career to the next level. Contact us in confidence – we’d love to chat.


Are you looking for a highly supportive office where you’re not competing with your manager or business owner for leads or listings?


Would being mentored on a daily basis by one of the industry’s top real estate business leaders help you achieve your real estate goals?


Would removing almost all of your administration and data-basing tasks help your business move to the next level?


Is working within an internationally recognised real estate office with a super high-quality team of people that put values and integrity first, important to you?


Would having a high-quality work environment help you do more in less time meaning that you can finally achieve that elusive work/life balance?



Would having industry leading technology at your fingertips help you to list and sell more property in turn assisting more of your clients move on with their lives?



  • “With that strong leadership Paul brings a total commitment to fully support, nurture and mentor his team. In my experience, most people in management positions within real estate promise this but singularly fail to deliver. Paul, however, has a passion for personal development and invests that wholeheartedly and without condition in his team. This creates a culture of learning, support and encouragement underpinned with tremendous positivity and fun. It was a joy to be part of.

    Paul’s business model is based on a structure and accountability that enabled me to focus on what was important in my business and discard, without worry or regret, all those extraneous tasks that soak up time but deliver little of value. He knows what works because he has been hugely successful as a salesperson and is now hugely successful as a business owner. Through Paul’s unwavering support my business flourished and my work/life balance improved immeasurably."

    Andy Cant
  • “Trish's leadership and management style are one of empathy and positivity with a focus on bringing out the best in people. She fosters an environment of excellence that is supportive and propels you forward with an excitement about what you can achieve as an individual and as part of the wider team. She is endlessly supportive, taking calls at all hours of the day and night, going above and beyond to ensure you always have the guidance you need.

    Her incredible industry experience and knowledge enables her to answer any question, mentor the newest recruits and most experienced sales people, and solve problems with a confidence that is seldom seen. Team culture is incredibly important to Trish and she strives to ensure that everyone feels valued and equipped with the tools they need to achieve at their highest level.
    We attribute our success in real estate to the constant support and mentoring we have received from Trish. When we left our previous company, to follow Trish in to her new venture, we were number one across ten offices. She has encouraged us to achieve at the highest level of business and supported us to have a balanced family life.”

    Glen and Mel Tomes

  • I valued a supportive management team and a great culture, so I started asking around.  After hearing glowing reviews for both Trish Adams and Paul Vujnovich from others within the industry I reached out to Trish in the new Harveys Synergy office.  I met with Trish and Paul a few times and from that very first meeting I knew they were the right fit for me and my career as a solo agent.  The business was in a growth phase, and since joining the systems and processes they have been continually implementing and improving are just taking the business and team from strength to strength. Their key focus is for ways to improve and advance for the better of us all.  The actual office space and team environment are amazing, both Paul and Trish are always available with knowledge and advice and just a general shoulder to lean on when needed, with full encouragement, respect and care.  This change has been evident within my own business having just had my most successful year since I started in real estate. Personally, I can’t imagine being anywhere else and would happily without hesitation recommend them to anyone considering a move or starting in the real estate industry.

    Carla Page


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