To watch the live Auction stream, click on the property below that you would like to watch. Then click on the "Live Stream" tab at the top of the property image. The live stream will load and you can then click "play".

Please Note: When we are in negotiations, the video will be paused and the sound will be muted. Once the Auction restarts, so will the live stream.
aa logoRobert Tulp
Robert Tulp - Director and Auctioneer at Apollo Auctions NZ

Robert Tulp is a man who understands real estate. Since joining the real estate sector in 1992 Robert has filled many roles – Sales Consultant, Manager, Business Owner, Real Estate Mentor and Auctioneer – A career path that has taken him all the way to being the National Auction Manager for New Zealand’s largest real estate company. He has called auctions in the residential, rural, mortgagee and commercial fields as well as coaching and mentoring sales consultants, managers, business owners and auctioneers, in the art of auction. Robert, being a true family man, spends his time away from work with his wife and young family, and can often, be seen enjoying a coffee or two at one of Auckland’s many fine cafés, or going for a run around the North Shore.

If you want an Auctioneer who has the ability to help you get the best results possible, then talk to Rob today. He’s got the experience and a great proven track record!