1. We allow all agents from any other agency to bring any buyer they may have through your home from day one.

This way we control the master agency but you can rest assured that your home is effectively listed with the entire industry regardless of agency or agent. We are regularly turned away from other companies listings as agents try to earn the whole commission for themselves. The industry can pay ‘lip service’ to putting our sellers first but in reality this behaviour is incredibly common and self-serving - not something that we can ethically condone.


2. We do not promote a ‘Vendor Pain Marketing’ strategy.

Unfortunately much of the industry still markets in this way. Our job is to promote our vendor’s property, the community and it’s amenities – not our seller’s personal circumstances.


3. We don’t ask you for marketing to promote your property in print media.

The industry teaches us to take your money to promote ourselves in print media to attract new listings for ourselves when we know that virtually all emotional or ‘Now’ buyers search online first. Ethically, we should be spending our money, not yours, to promote ourselves.


4. You ‘buy’ me so unlike the rest of the industry you will never hear from another agent during the campaign.

I will be your sole point of contact throughout the process to arrange viewings, run your open homes and present all offers. Most importantly you will never haveto sit down with a stranger, being an agent you’ve never met before, at the most important time of the campaign - when you’re negotiating money. You buy me and you get me – period.


5. You will hear from me every day by 10am rain, hail or shine.

One of the biggest complaints from sellers is that the agent they picked has no plan around communication with them so they inevitably feel left out of their own campaign. This will never happen with us as our policy dictates daily contact to all sellers by 10am so you’ll know every 24 hours how your campaign is tracking. Information is power and we make sure that you will never be lacking in information about your campaign so that when a decision is required to be made you will feel confident that you are making the right one.


At Harveys, all of our strategies and processes are designed to put you, our seller, in pole position to attract the best buyers in the market who will pay the most money for your home.

Dynamic, Dedicated, Effective… everything you’ll need from your Harveys real estate professional.

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